Carlos Saura

  • Carlos Saura – Carmen (1983)

    Carlos Saura1981-1990DramaSpain
    Carmen (1983)
    Carmen (1983)

    In an early episode in Carmen, Carlos Saura’s second dance film with renowned flamenco artist Antonio Gades (in what would inevitably prove to be the second film of their collaborative Flamenco trilogy), a group of musicians rehearse at a large, open dance studio within earshot of the choreographer, Antonio (Gades) as he struggles to find the proper tempo suitable to adapting the Seguedilla from Bizet’s opera for a flamenco performance. Reinterpreting the operatic work from a waltzy, 3/4 timed vocal piece to a sprightly, improvisational bulería, the musicians perform their rendition to the receptive Antonio who, along with his studio partner – and perhaps, erstwhile paramour – Cristina (Cristina Hoyos), begin to re-envision Carmen, not as a French composer’s projection of the fiery gypsy seductress – and more broadly, a foreigner’s stereotypical notions of Spanish culture – but rather, as an indigenous adaptation of Prosper Mérimée’s novel, disconnected from the now iconic flourishes of Bizet’s opera. Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – Elisa, vida mía AKA Elisa, My Life (1977)

    Carlos Saura1971-1980DramaSpain
    Elisa, vida mía (1977)

    On a secluded farmhouse in Castile and León, Luis is reuinted with his estranged daughter, Elisa after a 20-year separation. On the farmhouse, Luis writes what appears at times to be both an autobiography and a novel. The book is played out, with memories of the past, such as when Luis walked out on his family and is mixed with fantasies about Elisa’s adult life as well as her failed marriage.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – El 7º día AKA The 7th Day (2004)

    2001-2010Carlos SauraCrimeDramaSpain

    In an isolated village in Extremadura (Spain), the Jiménez and Fuentes families have a violent history of land disputes, jealousy, envy, and violence.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – Cría cuervos AKA Raise Ravens (1976) (HD)

    Drama1971-1980Carlos SauraSpain

    In the twilight of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, an 8-year-old orphan and her two sisters find shelter in the house of their stern aunt and try their best to acclimatize to a new reality. Can they summon up the courage to grow up?Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – Renzo Piano: An Architect for Santander (2018)

    2011-2020ArchitectureCarlos SauraDocumentarySpain

    The architect, a contemporary master, Renzo Piano. The filmmaker, another contemporary master, Carlos Saura.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – Deprisa, deprisa AKA Faster, Faster (1981)

    Carlos Saura1981-1990CrimePoliticsSpain

    Angela begins to hang around with Pablo and his gang of young robbers.

    Letterboxd review
    ★★★★★ Watched by Remy_Renault 09 May 2014

    Los Olvidados transplanted to Madrid. City of God’s heavy-handedness has never appeared so inane as it does when compared to this seemingly effortless but compassionate and satirical exploration of juvenile delinquency.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – La madriguera AKA Honeycomb (1969)

    1961-1970ArthouseCarlos SauraDramaSpainSpanish cinema under Franco

    ‘Teresa and Pedro have been married for five years and are settled in a routine, and a rather sterile home. He manages – and possibly owns – a factory, while she is a lady of leisure. The arrival of a collection of furniture from Teresa’s childhood family home triggers a nightmare and subsequent sleepwalking, followed by regressive and childish behaviour. Teresa replaces their furniture (in keeping with the modern – verging on Brutalist – architecture of their house) with what has arrived, which is distinctly different in style (dark wood and richly coloured fabrics). The film then settles into a series of extended role play ‘games’ between husband and wife that gradually get out of hand.’
    – Rebecca NaughtenRead More »

  • Carlos Saura – La Caza AKA The Hunt (1966)

    1961-1970ArthouseCarlos SauraDramaSpainSpanish cinema under Franco

    Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad writes:
    José, Paco and Luis, three middle-aged men who fought in the “national” side during the Spanish Civil War, meet in a village of Castilla to hunt rabbits, accompanied by young Enrique. But the hunting journey will stir up deep latent frustrations and rancours within the group. La Caza, which won the Silver Bear for the Best director in Berlin, was compared by critics with the most avant-garde films of that period. It had a remarkable influence on directors such as Sam Peckinpah, who found in this film a source of stylistic and thematic inspiration.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – Fados (2007)

    2001-2010Carlos SauraDocumentaryPerformancePortugal

    Having taken on flamenco (“Sevillanas”) and tango (“Tango”), Carlos Saura tackles a third great melancholy music style, directing “Fados,” a celebration of Portugal’s classic, lamenting acoustic folk songs. The film combines fado performances from top artists, dance from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde and archive footage. In the song centrepieces, artists deliver contemporary versions of fado classics. Lined up fadistas include young female star Mariza as well as Grammy award-winner Carlos do Carmo. Renowned diva Amália Rodrigues is remembered through arquive footage while the exploration of fado’s influences and roots gives opportunities to embrace prestigious Brazilian performers Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and the emerging Cape Verdean star Lura.Read More »

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