Cecil B. De Mézig

Cecil B. De Mézig – Le grand numero AKA Lust in the Circus (1952)

A circus clown turns out to be a quite a ladies’ man in this charming short story from the master of stag films, Cecil B. De Mézig. This is most likely the first stag film made in color, or more precisely in pornocolor as it is introduced at its very start. This was long before color became the norm in stag films in the late 60s.

This film is not yet listed at IMDB. Neither the actor nor the actresses are credited. Read More »

Cecil B. De Mézig – Esprit de Famille AKA Family Spirit (1948)

A blonde woman drops by her sister’s apartment unexpectedly and discovers her brunette sister having sex. While hiding behind a curtain, the blonde sister is so aroused that she begins to masturbate and is discovered. Angry that their sexual liaison has been disturbed, the man grabs the blonde and proceeds to spank her and then whip her with his belt. When the brunette objects to her sister’s treatment the blonde helps the man bind the brunette’s wrists and string her up from the ceiling and then beaten. The blonde and the man proceed to have sex while the tied-up sister watches. Later the sisters engage in mild lesbian familiarity. Read More »