Charles Frend

  • Charles Frend – The Cruel Sea (1953)

    1951-1960Charles FrendDramaUnited KingdomWar

    At the start of World War II, Cmdr. Ericson is assigned to convoy escort HMS Compass Rose with inexperienced officers and men just out of training. The winter seas make life miserable enough, but the men must also harden themselves to rescuing survivors of U-Boat attacks, while seldom able to strike back. Traumatic events afloat and ashore create a warm bond between the skipper and his first officerRead More »

  • Charles Frend – Girl on Approval (1961)

    Drama1961-1970Charles FrendUnited Kingdom


    Sheila’s 14. Her father abandoned her as a baby, her mum’s in jail and she’s stuck in a
    children’s home. Every family that’s tried to look after her has found her too difficult. Now
    Anne and John Howland want to foster Sheila. But if they can’t make a home for her, her
    future looks bleak…

    Starring Oscar Nominated actress Rachel Roberts (This Sporting Life, O Lucky Man!) as
    Anne and sensitively directed by Charles Frend (The Cruel Sea, Scott of the Antarctic) Girl
    on Approval is a major example of the British New Wave, a brilliant study of troubled lives.Read More »

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