Cherd Songsri

  • Cherd Songsri – Plae kao AKA The Scar (1977)

    1971-1980Cherd SongsriDramaRomanceThailand

    Peasant Riem loves Kwan but the love is not reprocical. He loves singing Likay. Traditional peasant way of life, watching over buffalo, rice planting, getting fish from rice fields, ceremonies where young men invite girls they like to dance, Songkran ceremony with small pagoda made of sand are gracefully shown. They finally love each other with a promise in front of the local deities tree. But Riem family refuses this love story. Choi, local gangster, injures Kwan with his sword making a scar. This scar is the symbol of their love that nothing can break…Read More »

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