Alejandro Fernández Almendras – Huacho (2009)

Synopsis: During a long day at the end of summer, four country family members from southern Chile (Cornelio, his wife Clemira, their daughter Alejandra and grandson Manuel), must fight to adapt to a rapidly changing world, in wich a Playstation or a new dress can be as valuable as a liter of milk, or a glass of wine; where the line between tradition and modernity is quickly disappearing. Read More »

Nicol Ruiz Benavides – La Nave del Olvido AKA Forgotten Roads (2020)

Claudina is a traditional woman from the countryside. After the pass away of her husband, she gets into a lonely routine. Having a difficult economic situation, Claudina has to move with her dearest grandson Cristóbal, and her daughter Alejandra, knowing that both women have a distanced relationship. Living together, Claudina meets the neighbor Elsa, an independent and married woman who sings on a hidden bar called “Porvenir” (The Future.) Claudina starts a relationship with Elsa, getting in love. Since then, she develops a journey of self-knowledge to be free, under the judgment of her daughter and friends on a religious and conservatory little town, obsessed with UFO sighting. Read More »

Joaquín Cociña & Cristóbal León – Los Huesos AKA The Bones (2021)

Using human corpses and invoking the spirits of two damned Secretaries of State, a girl performs a ritual to free the kingdom of Chile from its feudal heritage. Read More »

Carolina Adriazola & José Luis Sepúlveda – Harley Queen (2019)

A woman yearns to find her identity through her character:a supervillain, dancer and mother, in the Mena sector, or what they call “the largest ghetto in Chile”, in Puente Alto, Santiago. Read More »

Raoul Ruiz – Días de campo AKA Days in the Country [Rai3] (2004)

We are in Santiago, Chile, in a bar. Two old men talking and drinking. It seems that one of them is writing a novel. In bizarre conversation, they speak of themselves as if they were already dead while the would-be novelist, Don Federico, dips match sticks with tweezers into his wine glass. A curious strangeness settles in… where are we, exactly? In the kingdom of the dead? Not quite. At most, in a previous life or in memory. For Don Federico begins to evoke the days of his youth back when he lived in the country. Read More »

Carolina Moscoso – Visión nocturna AKA Night Shot (2019)

Recording the everyday was always a way of relating to the world. One night the rape happened and everything changed, although the search continued. When revisiting these images, a dialogue arises between light and darkness, while the strangeness remains before the world. Read More »

Joris Ivens – …A Valparaíso (1963)

Before the Panama Canal was dug in 1911, Valparaiso was one of the main seaports on the passage around Cape Horn. Over the centuries, the city fell into the hands of different conquerors, and natural violence repeatedly destroyed it for the greater part. In cooperation with the university of Santiago de Chile, Joris Ivens made a semi-documentary about the daily life in Valparaiso, where the contrasts between poor and rich immediately strike the eye. Ivens chose realistic, but also poetical images. The abrupt shift from black-and-white to colour in the film marks the transition from the initial pessimistic part to the later, more hopeful images. Read More »