Chris Kraus

  • Chris Kraus – Scherbentanz AKA Shattered Glass (2002)

    Written and directed by newcomer Chris Kraus, this German art-house family drama centers around the eccentric Jesko (Jürgen Vogel), who, despite his debilitating condition, – he is dying of cancer and only his mother’s bone-marrow could save him – makes a visit to his father, Gebhard (Dietrich Hollinderbaumer), and brother, Ansgar (Peter Davor), on the day that Ansgar is scheduled to take over the family company. What Jesko doesn´t know, is that his mother, who went insane 20 years ago, ran away and got drug addicted, was found and brought back.
    Interesting plot, beautiful photography, well-written dialogue, well-developed characters.Read More »

  • Chris Kraus – Terrorists in Love (1985)


    Experimental short by Chris Kraus.Read More »

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