Chris Warfield

  • Chris Warfield – Purely Physical (1984)

    IMDb User Review:
    This unassuming little sleeper may be the finest contribution the late Chris Warfield (a/k/a “Billy Thornberg”) made to the carnal canon. Like so many Golden Age filmmakers, he had his roots in ’60s sexploitation cinema, producing Corey Allen’s notorious EROTIC ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO. As a dirty movie director, he rarely showed much ambition beyond stringing together loops he had shot for the 8mm market – ah, those were the days ! – into makeshift “features” like FULFILMENT, BEYOND FULFILMENT (clever, huh ?) and SHEER PANTIES. With every rule, there are some exceptions though. The glossy, big budget rom com CHAMPAGNE FOR BREAKFAST with Lesllie Bovee and John Leslie was the one he clearly considered his Magnum Opus, signing with his real name in an industry known for (frequently stupid) pseudonyms.Read More »

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