Christian-Jaque, Carlo Lizzani, Werner Klingler & Terence Young – La guerra segreta AKA The Dirty Game (1965)

‘The US intelligence chief in Europe relates the stories of three different operations that he was involved in with colleagues in Paris and Djibouti, Rome, and Berlin.’ Read More »

Christian-Jaque – Le Saint prend l’affût AKA The Saint Lies in Wait (1966)

The Saint (Jean Marais) and his dim-witted sidekick Uniatz (Jess Hahn) spring in to action in this slapstick comedy spy actioner. The duo goes after a cache of American cash left over from World War II used in an undercover operation. The two battle rival international agents also after the sizeable sum… Read More »

Christian-Jaque – La seconde vérité aka The Other Truth (1966)

Pierre (Robert Hossein) is a fortysomething attorney who falls for a young woman (Michele Mercier) who dances in a discotheque to work her way through medical school. He is invited to her apartment where he observes the woman is living in relative luxury with the latest lavish fashions, but the lovestruck lawyer can’t bring himself to leave his wife over the young woman, who obviously has another man on the string. When her wealthy suitor is murdered, Pierre is accused and put on trial for the man’s death. Even when he is acquitted, Pierre is persecuted by those who still believe he is guilty. He soon realizes that the woman he loves may be the one who committed the murder in this emotional crime drama. Read More »

Christian-Jaque – Sortilèges AKA The Bellman (1945)

‘A bellman – that is, a man whose job it is to help lost travelers in the Alps find their way from the ringing of a bell – kills a traveler for his money and splits the proceeds with companion. However, complications follow…’
– Dave Sindelar Read More »

Christian-Jaque & Jean Delannoy & Marcello Pagliero – Destinées (1954)

Destinées (US: Daughters of destiny) is a triptych about women in war: One part, “Elizabeth”, is about American war-widow (Claudette Colbert) who goes to Italy where her husband was in WW II; “Jeanne” tells the life of Jeanne d’Arc (Michèle Morgan); “Lysistrata” (Martine Carol) is about Athenian wives, adaptation of the Greek play. Read More »

Christian-Jaque – Les bonnes causes AKA Don’t Tempt the Devil (1963)

‘Paul Dupré dies at the hands of his nurse Gina Bianchi when she administers his daily injection. His wife Catherine accuses the nurse of murdering her husband but Gina insists that she is innocent. Realising she too is a suspect, Catherine asks her lawyer, Charles Cassidi, to defend her as Judge Albert Gaudet starts his enquiry into the case. When it transpires that Paul Dupré made a will leaving his entire estate to Gina, Cassidi is confident he has a strong case. However, Judge Gaudet remains sceptical.’
– Film de France Read More »

Christian-Jaque – Singoalla AKA Gypsy Fury AKA The Wind Is My Lover (1949)

Claimed as being the most expensive movie made in Sweden up to this date Singoalla is a tale about doomed love and stolen treasures in 14th century Sweden. And gypsies.

Based on a musty 1857 novel by Viktor Rydberg. Read More »