Christian Vincent

  • Christian Vincent – Quatre étoiles aka Four Stars (2006) (HD)

    2001-2010Christian VincentComedyFranceRomance

    French helmer Christian Vincent’s quirky labyrinthine comedy Quatre étoiles (AKA 4 Stars, 2005) opens with a comely young girl named Franssou (nicknamed France) stumbling into a highly promising set of circumstances. Though France’s great-great aunt feels less than completely enchanted with her, she wills the young girl an inheritance of 52,000 Euros ($62,000.00) on her deathbed. Upon receiving the money, France promptly ditches her dishwater-dull beau and high-tails it to a posh hotel in Cannes, where she falls into the lap of Stephane – a pushy flim-flam artist eager to pass himself off as Elton John’s front man, then to hit France up for 30,000 of the Euros. Though France sees right through his ploy, she (surprisingly) agrees to the request – but nothing can compare Stephane for the conditions that France will impose – or for the genuine feelings that France begins to harbor for him. Or does she? Screen vet François Cluzet co-stars; Vincent co-authored the script with Olivier Dazat.Read More »

  • Christian Vincent – La séparation AKA The Separation (1994)

    1991-2000Christian VincentDramaFrance

    “Separation” is a tale of two… separations. First, that of Pierre and Anne. The first sign appears at the theater one evening, when she refuses to take his hand – but it’s only the first. Other signs follow, leading up to the confession : she loves another man. They talk it through and try to set things straight, to save a love which has shredded away over the years. They go through wobbly reconciliations, scenes and crises before they finally see that their affair is dead and now it’s time to turn to face the second separation – that of parents and child : Louis, aged 2. There is more wrenching, pain and resignation ahead, but the play is over and the curtain falls on a stage where nothing is left but the shadows of former happiness.Read More »

  • Christian Vincent – La discrète AKA The Discreet Girl (1990)

    Drama1981-1990Christian VincentFranceRomance

    Antoine, an unsuccessful writer, is taken aback when his girlfriend, Solange, leaves him for another man. Usually, it is he who ends a relationship, not his partner. In a fit of pique, he decides to take his revenge, not against Solange, but against all womankind. Jean, an ageing book dealer, suggests that Antoine should avenge his wounded male pride by seducing a woman selected at random and then, once she is in love with him, coldly dumping her. Read More »

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