Christoffer Boe

  • Christoffer Boe – Spies & Glistrup AKA Sex, Drugs & Taxation (2013)

    2011-2020Christoffer BoeDenmarkDrama

    In 1960s Denmark, an alcoholic playboy and a meek tax lawyer join forces to revolutionize the travel industry and alter the country’s political landscape, in this shocking, often hysterical, always compelling quasi-biopic.
    Since his Camera d’Or-winning debut feature Reconstruction, Christoffer Boe has explored the power of memory — and its capacity to mould an individual’s perception of reality. With his latest, the sometimes shocking, always-compelling quasi-biopic Sex, Drugs & Taxation, he examines collective memory, which, as it turns out, is equally as prone to delusion.Read More »

  • Christoffer Boe – Smagen af sult AKA A Taste of Hunger (2021)

    2021-2030Christoffer BoeDenmarkDrama

    A couple who sacrifice everything to achieve the highest possible accolade in the culinary world – a Michelin star.Read More »

  • Christoffer Boe – Beast (2011)

    2011-2020Christoffer BoeDenmarkDramaHorror


    The emotions a married couple can undergo in one day can range from frustration to passionate love. This is true for Danish newlyweds Bruno and Maxine who have just moved into a stylish apartment in Copenhagen. A while later it is clear that Bruno’s love for Maxine is stronger than hers is for him. In fact, his love for Maxine is more like an obsession. He yearns to literary crawl under her skin. After some rough sex games, and as bodily fluids begin to mix, something starts to transform Bruno and his primitive instincts take over. This beast-like transformation intensifies rapidly after he discovers Maxine is having an affair. Director Christoffer Boe has described »Beast« as a cocktail of »Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf?« and »Alien«, in which love, hate, blood and possessed bodies are the main ingredients. Actor Nicolas Bro, playing Bruno, has collaborated with Boe six times previously. He is a powerhouse in this film, giving an intense performance as the let down husband with a severe case of blood thirst. ~ StockholmfilmfestivalRead More »

  • Christoffer Boe – Hr. Boe & Co.’s Anxiety (2001)

    2001-2010ArthouseChristoffer BoeDenmarkShort Film


    Christoffer Boe studied at Copenhagen University before being accepted at the Danish Film School’s director’s course in 1997. He has directed three short movies. One of them, Anxiety, received the Prix Découverte de la Critique Française and was screened in Critics’ Week in 2002.Read More »

  • Christoffer Boe – Allegro (2005)

    2001-2010Christoffer BoeDenmarkDramaSci-Fi


    Zetterstrøm is an accomplished pianist who lives and breathes music. When he plays he shuts out his surroundings, isolates himself entirely in a universe where only he and his piano exist in perfect symbiosis, forgetting all that matters, even those who love him. When his girlfriend finally abandons him he is heartbroken, and his already reclusive nature is strengthened. He travels to New York and takes up residence, now playing concerts physically isolated from the audience. Ten years pass and he feels compelled to return to Copenhagen, but in his absence something very strange has happened to his old neighbourhood…Read More »

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