Christopher Petit

  • Christopher Petit – Radio On (1979)

    Set in 1970’s Britain, a man drives from London to Bristol to investigate his brother’s death. The purpose of his trip is offset by his encounters with a series of odd people.Read More »

  • Christopher Petit – Negative Space [Manny Farber documentary] (2000)

    Negative Space, is an experiment that’s accessible to anyone who cares about movies, using split screen to question how we look at and remember films, and to look at how film changes with time.

    A portrait of film critic Manny Farber, featuring interviews with Farber and art critic Dave Hickey, as well as inventively displayed clips of the films that Farber discusses.Read More »

  • Christopher Petit – The Falconer (1998)

    Fictional documentary goes on the trail of sixties cultural renegade Peter Whitehead, underground filmmaker, writer, occultist and sometime falconer.Read More »

  • Christopher Petit – Content (2010)


    At one point in Chris Petit’s haunting new film Content, we drive through Felixstowe container port. It was an uncanny moment for me, since Felixstowe is only a couple of miles from where I live – what Petit filmed could have been shot from our car window. What made it all the more uncanny was the fact that Petit never mentions that he is in Felixstowe; the hangars and looming cranes are so generic that I began to wonder if this might not be a doppelgänger container port somewhere else in the world. All of this somehow underlined the way Petit’s text describes these “blind buildings” while his camera tracks along them: “non-places”, “prosaic sheds”, “the first buildings of a new age” which render “architecture redundant”.Read More »

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