Chung Sun

  • Chung Sun – Xiao ao jiang hu AKA The Proud Youth (1978)

    1971-1980ActionChung SunHong KongMartial Arts

    Nankung Sung sees the seediness of Conflicting Clans’ politics after being cut from his own clan due to a misunderstanding and accepting a quest to give song a entitled “The Proud One”, to the correct musician.Read More »

  • Chung Sun – Feng lei mo jing AKA The Devil’s Mirror (1972)

    1971-1980Chung SunFantasyHong KongMartial Arts

    In his feature debut, Sun Chung – one of the most interesting filmmakers at Shaw Brothers – helms this wild tale of two martial arts clans who each possess an amazing mirror with supernatural powers. The mirrors are coveted by the evil Jiuxian Witch (Li Chia-hsien), leader of the Bloody Ghouls Clan (sure, name your clan that and how do you expect them to turn out?), who plots to use them to enter the tomb of Emperor Wu and ransack his magical treasure. A gang of masked ninjas – in reality, captive swordsmen poisoned by the witch’s “Corpse Worm Pills” – steal the first mirror from one-legged clan chieftain Bai Tian Xiong (Wang Hsia), whose duplicitous lieutenant, Leng Yun (Tung Lam) drives a wedge between him and rival Chief Wen (Ching Miao). Nobody suspects he is working for the Bloody Ghouls Clan and sneaking off for occasional hot, between the sheets action with the sexy, three-eyed, super-witch. Eventually, star-crossed lovers Bai Xiaofeng (Shu Pei-pei) and Wen Jianfeng (Liu Tan) team-up to see justice is done.Read More »

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