Clarisa Navas

  • Clarisa Navas – Hoy partido a las 3 (2017)

    Las Indomables await with anxiety the start of a neighborhood women’s soccer tournament. During the wait all kinds of events happen, love, conflicts, politics and even a rain, stalk the passion for which they are there: Play football at all costs.Read More »

  • Clarisa Navas – Las Mil y Una AKA The Thousand and One (2020)

    Iris, 17, has been expelled from school and spends the warm days and nights with her two best friends, her cousins, in cramped rooms, playing with her mobile phone or in the empty streets of the city. When Renata, cold and self-confident, enters the picture, Iris is fascinated, and it is not long before they start flirting. But in the area, rumours about Renata’s past are getting stronger.(FILMAFFINITY)Read More »

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