Claude Bernard-Aubert

Claude Bernard-Aubert – Parties de chasse en Sologne AKA Sex Hunting Adventures (1979)

Christine Beaugrand invites a group of friends to her country home for a duck hunt and a lot of sex.

This film is also known as La grande mouille.

Starring: Brigitte Lahaie, Christine Beaugrand, France Lomay, Catherine Leno, Karine Gambier, Elsa Maroussia, Dominique Aveline, Marilyn Jess, Claude Loir, Cyril Val, Guy Royer & Gabriel Pontello. Read More »

Claude Bernard-Aubert – Parties carrées campagnardes AKA Weekend Tail (1980)

During the weekend, two couples and a maid have a good time in the countryside.
This film is also known as Country Orgies.
Starring: Serena, Jean-Pierre Armand, Margareth Drauss, Frédérique Moreau & Cyril Val. Read More »

Claude Bernard-Aubert – L’affaire Dominici AKA The Dominici Affair (1973)

In August 1952, a family of British tourists is found by the roadside in Haute Provence, brutally murdered. In the ensuing, very public, investigation a local landowner, 75 year old Gaston Dominici, is arrested for the murders, having been denounced by his sons. Under police interrogation, Dominici confesses to have killed the family and it looks certain that he will be charged, tried and sentenced to death. But then the case begins to collapse. The old man retracts his confession and the lack of evidence against him becomes apparent…
– Films de France Read More »

Claude Bernard-Aubert – Secrétariat privé AKA Private Secretaries (1980)


An ambitious businessman plans to put a series of giant golden dildo’s on the market and gives his wife and secretaries one to try it out.

Starring: Élisabeth Buré, Nadine Roussial, Dominique Saint Claire, Hélène Shirley, Guy Royer, Laura Clair & Richard Allan. Read More »