Claude de Givrey

  • Serge Leroy / Claude de Givrey / Bernard Revon / Guy Seligman – Les salades de l’amour – François Truffaut (1961 – 1986)

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    • Portrait of François Truffaut
    This excerpt from Serge Leroy’s 1961 documentary François Truffaut shows the newly celebrated filmmaker discussing his influences and beginnings along with Les Mistons and The 400 Blows.

    from the Criterion DVD

    Portrait of François Truffaut is a a twenty-five minute excerpt from a 1961 documentary by Serge Leroy, covering the director’s early years. Truffaut does plenty of talking about the creative choices and influences that went into his first films, while fidgeting restlessly in a chair before the camera, with overlong clips from his first few films mixed in.

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  • Claude de Givray – Cinéastes de notre temps : Sacha Guitry (1965)


    This episode of the French program ‘Cinéastes de notre temps” takes a closer look at the image and legacy of Sacha Guitry. Included in it are archival interviews with producer and director André Labarthe (Hitchcock & Ford), actors Michel Simon and Jeanne Fusier-Gir, director Christian Jaque (Fanfan La Tulipe), and producer Gilbert Bokanowski (If Paris Were Told to Us), among others.Read More »

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