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  • Claude Faraldo – Themroc (1973) (HD)

    Claude Faraldo1971-1980ComedyFranceThe Films of May '68
    Themroc (1973) (HD)
    Themroc (1973) (HD)

    Themroc is a very unusual 1973 French film by director Claude Faraldo. Made on a very low budget with no intelligible dialog, Themroc tells the story of a French blue collar worker who rebels against modern society, reverting into an urban caveman.

    The Themroc history is about a typical middle-aged French worker who rebels against the absurdity of everyday life. He shares an apartment with his ​​mother and sister, every day goes to boring and non-profit work. But one day, all of a sudden, in complete frustration, he destroys all his property, demolishes the walls of his apartment, it literally turns into a cave and starts to act like a Neanderthal. His rebellion, his anti-social activities are amazingly attractive to the neighbors, and they soon begin to do the same. Police trying to find a way to contain his behavior.Read More »

  • Claude Faraldo – Les fleurs du miel AKA The Honey Flowers (1976)

    1971-1980Claude FaraldoDramaFrance

    ‘While doing his job as a delivery driver, Paul stumbles into a violent domestic argument. Just as the well-to-do couple are coming to blows, he intervenes to prevent the violence from going further. The two turn to him to judge the merit of their disagreements and invite him to dinner. What follows becomes a small adventure in understanding for everyone.’
    – Clarke FountainRead More »

  • Claude Faraldo – Deux lions au soleil AKA Two Lions in the Sun (1980)

    1971-1980Claude FaraldoCultFrance

    here are the two IMDB comments :

    “Themroc ” ,what a colossal demagogy! a monumental spate of clichés of the post-68 era.

    Deux lions au soleil ” is a different matter ,because there are two actors whose chemistry is perfect.Jean-François Stevenin ( he was a Truffaut’s favorite :”day for night” and mainly the wonderful schoolteacher in “l’argent de poche” ) and Jean-Pierre Sentier ( whom I did not really know) give wonderful performances.Forget the class struggle (as Faraldo finally forgets it during the story) and you have two human beings .Faraldo jettisoned all his post 68 clichés (Why do we work? Why are there wealthy people? Why are we working for peanuts?) which were present at the beginning of the movie but slowly disappear as the story progresses.Read More »

  • Claude Faraldo – Themroc (1973)

    1971-1980Claude FaraldoComedyCultFranceThe Films of May '68

    Plot summary:
    From Channel 4 Film:
    Factory worker Piccoli gets into trouble when he’s caught watching his boss shag a secretary. It’s the final straw. Oppressed by the system, hounded by his mother (Herviale) and bored witless by his menial job, Piccoli cracks. He goes home, takes a sledgehammer to his possessions, turns his room into a cave and starts grunting like a horny Neanderthal before making a move on his sister, Romand.Read More »

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