Claude Nuridsany

  • Claude Nuridsany & Marie Pérennou – La Clé des Champs AKA The Field of Enchantment (2011) (HD)

    2011-2020ArthouseClaude NuridsanyFranceMarie Pérennou

    A deserted pond, two lonely children fall under the spell of this wild place that, little by little, draws them closer to each other and gives them the strength to cope with life. Seen through their eyes, and through their imaginations, the pond becomes a secret kingdom, both marvellous and frightening, thronging with creatures born from dreams or nightmares. The children experience an initiation, brief and intense, from which they will emerge transformed.Read More »

  • Claude Nuridsany & Marie Pérennou – Microcosmos: Le peuple de l’herbe AKA Microcosmos (1996)

    1991-2000Claude NuridsanyDocumentaryFranceMarie Pérennou

    “A documentary of insect life in meadows and ponds, using incredible close-ups, slow motion, and time-lapse photography…”

    Children, being built nearer to the ground and having more time on their hands, are close observers of ants and spiders, caterpillars and butterflies. Adults tune them out; bugs are things you slap, swat, step on or spray. “Microcosmos” is an amazing film that allows us to peer deeply into the insect world and marvel at creatures we casually condemn to squishing. The makers of this film took three years to design their closeup cameras and magnifying lenses, and to photograph insects in such brilliant detail that if they were cars, we could read their city stickers.Read More »

  • Claude Nuridsany & Marie Pérennou – La clé des champs (2011)

    2011-2020Claude NuridsanyExperimentalFranceMarie Pérennou


    Remember childhood holidays frolicking in the countryside? When time is gone, or when grown-ups are gone, will there be no more rolling meadows with fields of poppies, trees to climb and hide in or playful butterflies? What is this secret life all about? At the center of the film, made by the directors of Microcosmos, is a pond, where two lonely children are silently prowling around this small kingdom, seeing, dreaming and playing. Through cameras and microscopes, the filmmakers depict their passion for nature by closely observing plant and animal life and then adding a charming story with human characters. Subtle sound effects and music add a dramatic dimension to their humorous and fantastic observations which are sure to stimulate the imagination of young and old.Read More »

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