Claude Pinoteau

  • Claude Pinoteau – La Boum 2 AKA The Party 2 (1982)

    Claude Pinoteau1981-1990DramaFranceRomance
    La Boum 2 (1982)
    La Boum 2 (1982)

    Two years after the first “Boum”, Vic – now 15 and a half years old – has a very calm love life, actually no boyfriend at all. Her parents are happily together again, Grandma Poupette thinks about finally marring her long-term boyfriend. But then Vic meets Philippe and is overcome by his charm. She’s in heaven again and considers going all the way this time – a step, that her girlfriend Penelope already has taken.Read More »

  • Claude Pinoteau – La gifle AKA The Slap (1974)

    1971-1980Claude PinoteauComedyDramaFrance

    Isabelle Douléan (Isabelle Adjani) is a medical student who lives with her dad, Jean (Lino Ventura). The fact that her parents (Ventura and Annie Girardot) don’t live together anymore does not bother her that much. Love life, cute guy (Jacques Spiesser), annoying boyfriend (Francis Perrin), exam failure, and yearning for independence are some of the things Isabelle must deal with. These are like a slap in the face for her; it’s something unexpected and painful at the same time…Read More »

  • Claude Pinoteau – Le silencieux AKA Escape to Nowhere (1973)

    Drama1971-1980Claude PinoteauFranceThriller

    Shortly after a delegation of Russian nuclear physicists arrives in London, one of their number, a man named Haliakov, is abducted by the British security services. Haliakov is in truth Clément Tibère, a French scientist who was coerced into working for the Russians some years ago. The British agents compel Tibère to work for them, revealing the identity of two notorious spies. Tibère realises that his life is now in peril, that it is only a matter of time before the KGB takes its revenge…Read More »

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