Clément Cogitore

  • Clément Cogitore – Braguino (2017)


    “What’s at stake when a group of humans gather in an isolated location?” That’s one of the questions that drove acclaimed French filmmaker and artist Clément Cogitore to a remote part of the Siberian Taïga forest, where two families, the Braguines and the Kilines, live in autonomy and bitter rivalry on the Yenissei river, 450 miles from the nearest village. Their children’s shared playground: an island protected from the bears. With striking images and dramaturgy, Cogitore creates a story about childhood, forests, and failed utopias. Braguino is a brilliant documentary, both enchanting and troubling, at times taking the shape of an ethnographic film, at others that of a Western.Read More »

  • Clément Cogitore – Braguino (2017)


    Plot : In the Siberian forest, away from any civilization, a feud is opposing two families whose houses are separated by a river. In the middle of the river stands an island where the kids of the two families are meeting on their own.Read More »

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