Cliff Owen

  • Cliff Owen – A Prize of Arms (1962)

    1961-1970Cliff OwenCrimeDramaUnited Kingdom

    Derek Winnert:
    The perfect crime goes astray- like it always does in the movies – in director Cliff Owen’s 1961 realist British noir thriller starring Stanley Baker as Turpin, a dismissed army captain who plots revenge on the army by planning a heist of their payroll cash.

    A young Tom Bell and Helmut Schmid co-star as Fenner and Swavek, Baker’s recruits to his scam. Rodney Bewes (27 November 1937 – 21 November 2017) plays Private Maynard in his feature-film debut and it is also the feature-film debut of Glynn Edwards (as breakdown truck crewman).Read More »

  • Cliff Owen – Offbeat AKA The Devil Inside (1961)

    1961-1970Cliff OwenCrimeUnited Kingdom

    Nifty 70 min long caper film with a twist. William Sylvester is a MI-5 agent who gets transfered to Scotland Yard to help them with a problem. One of their detectives has been killed in a hit and run. Scotland Yard believes the detective was done in by the gang he was trying to infiltrate. The Yard hopes someone from outside the force might have a better chance. Sylvester goes deep undercover as a gunman for hire. He evens pulls a bank heist in order to impress the local underworld. His no nonsense style soon has him in demand with all the proper people. He gains entry to the gang and finds he quite enjoys the lifestyle. Read More »

  • Cliff Owen – No Sex Please: We’re British (1975)

    1971-1980ClassicsCliff OwenComedyUnited Kingdom

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    Porn store owner Pete orders some new stuff from his supplier Niko but Niko mixes up the address with the address of the local Barclays Bank. Here, newly-weds David (the bank’s assistant manager) and Penny Hunter is shocked when first photos, then films and then finally two girls are sent to them in the Bank’s flat. They, and their friend, head cashier Brian Runnicles (who slowly starts to have a nervous breakdown), have to deal with getting rid of the porn without letting their boss, Mr. Bromley – the bank’s manager (who’s very anti-porn), the local police in the form of Inspector Paul, and David’s mother, Bertha Hunter, in on what is happening…Read More »

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