Óscar Ruiz Navia – Fait vivir (2019)

Manuk, a five-year-old child, tells the story of the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, a company of musicians, dancers, actors and circus artists coming from different places around the world. They created the “Makondo”, a show they present around Colombia in places where armed conflict has opened wounds. Read More »

Mariana Saffon – Entre tú y Milagros AKA Between You and Milagros (2020)

Plot: At fifteen, Milagros’ world still revolves around her mother’s affection. This summer an unexpected encounter with death will make her question their relationship, her privilege and her own existence. Read More »

Franco Lolli – Litigante (2019)

A single mother balances taking care of her mother during her fight with cancer while dealing with a corruption scandal at work. Read More »

Carlos Osuna – Gordo, calvo y bajito AKA Fat Bald Short Men (2011)

Lonesome, middle-aged virgin Antonio Farfán is picked on and ridiculed as a matter of course, whether by coworkers or his bullying mooch of a brother (who only calls when he needs money). An employee of a notary’s office, his status improves a bit when his new boss—and strangely affable doppelganger—takes an interest in him. But Farfán’s deep-seated shyness and insecurity are only partly assuaged. And when he joins a self-improvement group, he slowly confirms what the undulating lines of this sly, involving rotoscope story suggest: everything is in motion, and change is inevitable. The question becomes what use one makes of it. Read More »

Luis Ospina – Un tigre de papel AKA A Paper Tiger (2008)

The life of Pedro Manrique Figueroa, a pioneer of collage in Colombia, is like an adventure novel that is both incomplete and contradictory. Taking his life and work as a pretext, this mockumentary takes the viewer on a journey through history from the year 1934 up until 1981, when the artist mysteriously disappeared from view. Un tigre de papel is itself a collage, where art and politics rub shoulders, and where truth and lies are placed side by side. Read More »

Polanco Rodríguez Paula – Heliconia (2020)

Fourteen-year-old Maria spends her time in the extensive tropical garden of her family house. When she meets her brother and his friend Adrian on motorcycles during the New Year celebrations, she decides to flee with them to find paradise on earth together. Read More »

Camilo Restrepo – Los Conductos (2020)

Medellin, Colombia. Pinky is on the run after freeing himself from the grip of a religious sect. He finds a place to squat, but misled by his own faith, he questions everything. As he tries to put back together the pieces of his life, violent memories return to haunt him, and ask for revenge.

After several astonishing shorts, Camilo Restrepo’s feature debut confirms him as a visionary filmmaker. This nocturnal punk western is a hallucinatory descent into the catacombs of Colombia’s relationship with violence: Los Conductos doesn’t hide its anger, but rather turns it into visceral cinema. Read More »