Moshé Mizrahi – Abu el Banat AKA Daughters, Daughters (1973)

A man with eight daughters, and no hope of an heir, takes a mistress to console himself. He finally consults a magician who gives him a list of instructions on how to make a son. Soon his wife is pregnant again. Read More »

Dover Koshashvili – Matana MiShamayim AKA Gift from Above (2003)

This movie is not as good as the first one but is in the same style and idea. This one has some very funny ideas in it. Moni Moshonov (as always) gives a great show, he is by far one of the best (if not the best) actor in israel today. He is however the only one that does not take his clothes of. This movie like hatona meoheret has a alot (some might say too much) of nudity and sex scenes so dont. Hope you enjoy and if you do watch hatona meoheret
IMDB-user Read More »

Sarah Jacobson – Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore (1997)

MARY JANE’S NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE, Jacobson’s only feature film, is a vibrant and vital antidote to every phony Hollywood teen picture, bringing lo-fi realness to the coming-of-age genre. Sure, the usual signposts are here — first job, first time, crushes, friendships, fitting in and figuring it out — but all are handled with utter honesty. The sex is bad, the boys are jerks, the future is questionable, and growing up is ultimately a disappointment. It’s a stark contrast to Hollywood’s glamorous lies. Read More »

Park Chan-wook – Life is But a Dream (2022)

Indiewire wrote:
The 21-minute short, produced in collaboration with Apple, was shot entirely on an iPhone 13 Pro, and was just released on the tech company’s YouTube page. The whimsical film tells the story of an undertaker (Yoo Hai-jin) whose attempt to steal a coffin ends up awakening a ghost (Park Jeong-min). That ghost ends up bonding with the ghost of the warrior (Kim Ok-vin) the undertaker was trying to bury. The film takes some unexpected turns, and ends up being a supernatural romance, a musical, and a martial arts film in equal measures. Read More »

Martin Campbell – Eskimo Nell (1975)

Three young men, a scriptwriter, a producer and a director are called in by Benny U Murdoch, an exotic movie producer. He wants to make a new erotic movie starring a big woman – the “Eskimo Nell” of the title. However problems start from the beginning, the scriptwriter is a virgin, a lover of penguins and hasn’t a clue on how to write an erotic movie, each of the three main backers want a different type of movie – a western, an erotic and a kung-fu movie with different people in the main part. However problems really start for the three when Benny runs off with all the money and they have to make three different versions of the same film and try not to let the backers and stars know what has happened. And this is made harder when there is a clean-up-filth society breathing down their necks… Read More »

Norman Cohen – Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976)

The sexual misadventures of Timothy Lea and his brother-in-law Sidney Noggett when they set up a driving school business. Read More »

Neus Ballús – Sis Dies Corrents AKA The Odd-Job Men (2021)

A subtle comedy about masculinity and barely hidden social anxieties, Neus Ballús’s latest delivers a tender look at Barcelona through the eyes of a recent émigré.

Barcelona appears to be a sleepy summertime city in Neus Ballús’s latest feature, a place stranded in a recent past where things move slowly, where most people seem ready for a nap. That is not the case for Mohamed (Mohamed Mellali), a shy but determined Moroccan immigrant starting his week-long trial at a small plumbing and electrical repair company. He’s expected to take over for Pep (Pep Sarrà), who is looking forward to retirement after decades on the job. Read More »