Corinne Cantrill

  • Arthur Cantrill & Corinne Cantrill – The Second Journey (To Uluru) (1981)

    1981-1990ArthouseArthur CantrillAustraliaCorinne CantrillDocumentary

    Filmed years after “At Uluru” (1978) in very different conditions, the film showcases the burnt landscape around a monolith in a land inhabited for millennia.
    “As the camera moves gently from afar into the very heart of the monolith, the magic of the holiest site of the Aborigines unfolds in shimmering nuances of light.
    Shot at different times of day, the close-up and panorama shots of this more than 500-million-year-old stone formation combine silence and acoustically altered birdsong to convey a feeling of timelessness into which a sense of loss is also inscribed. The somnambulistic moonrise in the great sky seems almost like an abstract painting and yet it is real. The areas of discolouration in the film material caused by problems in the developing process were deliberately left in the film as a metaphor for the looming threat to this natural environment through bushfires and tourism.Read More »

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