Costas Zapas

  • Costas Zapas – Agapi, agapi, agapi AKA Love, Love, Love (2016)

    “Love, Love, Love” unfolds the chronicle of two couples who experience love and passion to its limits: the exotic and forty years old strip-dancer Stella with the loner ex-playboy and fifty years old Nick, but also of Stella’s teenage daughter Fani with the immature Hector. They all lack love and they want it more than anything in the world. Will love be able to change the fate of these people? Will love be able to beat something colossal as fate? And if it can, how far will they go for love?Read More »

  • Costas Zapas – I antarsia tis kokkinis Marias AKA The Rebellion of Red Maria (2011)

    In a city – with heavy metal music haunting the heroes and the voice of Maria Callas being heard, an aged man, ex-terrorist, who dresses like a woman, the “red Maria”, lives without any law and is hiding in the social shadows as a prostitute and performer, dancing in the streets, old and out-dated dances, for the passersby who give him money. In the street he meets a young boy, who lives there as a street urchin, at deaths door after a neo-fascists attack. The boy, alcohol addicted, hears the voice of Maria Callas, speaks with the dead diva, with the mother he misses. Read More »

  • Costas Zapas – The Last Porn Movie (2006)


    Description: The story of a beautiful teenager girl whose life is turned around when her ex-porn star dad is made (by his producers) to cast her as the lead in his latest x-rated film. A devastating testimony of the rise and fall of Greek family values, an existentialist journey where habit and cruelty are only separated by life and death.Read More »

  • Costas Zapas – Mikres Eleftheries AKA Minor Freedoms (2008)


    One of the most outstanding directors of auteur cinema, Costas Zapas gained international acclaim with Uncut Family (2004) and The Last Porn Movie (2006). With Minor Freedoms his trilogy on the family is complete. Cineuropa: Minor Freedoms is the title of your latest film. However, in the film there is too little freedom. Your characters seem to have no choice.Read More »

  • Costas Zapas – Uncut Family (2004)


    The life of a boy in his adolescence takes a turn when his relationship with his mother and father is exposed.

    Costas Zapas’ debut film.Read More »

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