Craig Monahan

  • Craig Monahan – Peaches (2004)

    2001-2010AustraliaCraig MonahanDrama


    Steph (Emma Lung) lost her parents in a car accident while still a baby. She was raised by her parents’ over-protective best friend, Jude (Jacqueline McKenzie). She receives her dead mother’s locked diary on her 18th birthday, the same day she starts work at the local peach cannery, and begins dual journeys, one pushing into the mysterious past and the other pursuing romantic complications in the present. The diary “reveals the colourful and sexy past of those close to her.”

    Steph learns about her mother Jass (Samantha Healy), her father Johnny (Tyson Contor), and about the difficulties of love with her boss Alan Taylor (Hugo Weaving).

    “Peaches is a love story that deals with accepting loss and change, and learning to move on.”Read More »

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