• Iva Radivojevic – Evaporating Borders (2014)

    2011-2020CyprusDocumentaryDramaIva Radivojevic

    Evaporating Borders is a visual essay on displacement and the search for identity. Told through a series of vignettes portraying the lives political migrants on the island of Cyprus, the film explores global restrictive practices on migrating populations.Read More »

  • Tonia Mishiali – Pause (2018)

    Drama2011-2020CyprusTonia Mishiali

    Elpida, a middle-aged housewife, is trapped in the misery of an oppressive loveless marriage, with a man who has no consideration for her feelings and needs. Her monotonous life is disrupted when a young painter is employed to paint the building she lives in. Her imagination then starts to flourish as she is confronted with her unquenchable desires, her body and the husband she has no love for. After he sells her car without her consent, she becomes vindictive and violent towards him, but her perception of reality is questioned when she has no recollection of events that actually happened.Read More »

  • Yannis Economides – Macherovgaltis aka Knifer (2010)

    2001-2010CyprusDramaFilm NoirYannis Economides


    Following his father’s death, Nikos leaves the provinces to work in Athens guarding his brutish uncle’s dogs. Nikos finds the dynamic of his relationship with his uncle changing when his uncle’s wife draws closer to him. This relentlessly gritty film noir won seven Hellenic Film Academy Awards this year, including Best Picture.Read More »

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