Cyril Schäublin

  • Cyril Schäublin – Unrueh AKA Unrest (2022)

    2021-2030Cyril SchäublinDramaSwitzerland

    New technologies are transforming a 19th-century watchmaking town in Switzerland. Josephine, a young factory worker, produces the unrest wheel, swinging in the heart of the mechanical watch. Exposed to new ways of organizing money, time and labour, she gets involved with the local movement of the anarchist watchmakers, where she meets Russian traveller Pyotr Kropotkin.Read More »

  • Cyril Schäublin – Unrueh AKA Unrest (2022)

    2021-2030ArthouseCyril SchäublinDramaSwitzerland

    One of the greatest films of the year, so far.

    In a valley in the Swiss canton of Bern dominated by the local watchmaking industry, the first ever International Anarchist Congress was held in 1872. And inside a traditionally made clockwork watch, such as the factories of Bern would have been producing at the time, there is a tiny spiral wheel that balances the mechanism, called the unrueh — the unrest.Read More »

  • Cyril Schäublin – Dene wos guet geit AKA Those Who Are Fine (2017)

    2011-2020Cyril SchäublinDramaSwitzerland

    In a suburb of Zurich, Alice is working at a call centre and very successful at selling internet subscriptions and insurance. She also uses her powers of persuasion to criminal ends: she cajoles and robs solitary grandmothers by telling them she is their granddaughter and urgently needs money. In no time she makes herself a small fortune but, without knowing it, her actions influence the lives of countless local people, from bank staff and police officers to unsuspecting passers-by.Read More »

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