Cyril Schäublin

  • Cyril Schäublin – Unrueh AKA Unrest (2022)

    One of the greatest films of the year, so far.

    In a valley in the Swiss canton of Bern dominated by the local watchmaking industry, the first ever International Anarchist Congress was held in 1872. And inside a traditionally made clockwork watch, such as the factories of Bern would have been producing at the time, there is a tiny spiral wheel that balances the mechanism, called the unrueh — the unrest.Read More »

  • Cyril Schäublin – Dene wos guet geit AKA Those Who Are Fine (2017)

    In a suburb of Zurich, Alice is working at a call centre and very successful at selling internet subscriptions and insurance. She also uses her powers of persuasion to criminal ends: she cajoles and robs solitary grandmothers by telling them she is their granddaughter and urgently needs money. In no time she makes herself a small fortune but, without knowing it, her actions influence the lives of countless local people, from bank staff and police officers to unsuspecting passers-by.Read More »

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