Czech Republic

  • Miroslav Krobot – Díra u Hanusovic AKA Nowhere in Moravia (2014)

    2011-2020Czech RepublicDramaMiroslav Krobot

    German teacher Maruna runs the local pub. It doesn’t look like she’ll ever get married, since there aren’t many suitable men in her small village. But one day, something unexpected happens here, Nowhere in Moravia.Read More »

  • Jirí Barta – Poslední lup AKA The Last Theft (1987)

    1981-1990AnimationCzech RepublicJirí BartaShort Film

    A sarcastic story about a thief who becomes the victim of his own victims. His victims come from the other world and take his most precious possession – his blood. The phantasmal atmosphere of the film is achieved through artificial animation coloring in a motion picture.Read More »

  • Frantisek Vlácil – Holubice AKA The White Dove (1960)

    1951-1960ArthouseCzech RepublicDramaFrantisek Vlácil

    A poetic film about a dove getting lost on its way to Prague getting shot down by a paralyzed boy. An artist who finds the dove becomes friends with the boy. Together they take care of it bringing it back to recovery.Read More »

  • Jirí Menzel – Zlocin v santánu aka Crime in the Night Club (1968)

    1961-1970CrimeCzech RepublicJirí MenzelMusical

    The charming singer Clara Regina has many admirers. Even the minister of justice fights for her favour, especially enchanted by Clara’s lullaby. Clara’s successes with men are watched with displeasure by her jealous husband, Ikaro Volante. The minister sends a bouquet and a pearl necklace to the singer. The juggler Piterman steals the pearls but frames her shy assistant Pepícek, who, along with inexperienced defence lawyer Vilém Bojanovský, falls victim to blind justice in an unfair world full of intrigue… The form of this outwardly noncommittal crime musical, featuring the songs of Šlitr and Suchý, is influenced by the dark atmosphere that pervaded society after the Prague Spring efforts at reform were crushed in August 1968: the two convicts, performed by this duo from Prague’s Semafor theatre, can now do nothing but sing.Read More »

  • Karel Zeman – Poklad Ptacího ostrova AKA The Treasure of Bird Island (1952)

    1951-1960AnimationCzech RepublicFantasyKarel Zeman

    THE TREASURE OF BIRD ISLAND (POKLAD PTACIHO OSTROVA) – 1952, 77 min. Dir. Karel Zeman. Inspired by a Persian fairy-tale, and told in the ornate style of illustrated Persian manuscripts, Zeman’s first feature is set on a remote island, where the inhabitants discover a legendary treasure that brings them both joy and grief. For the first time in BIRD ISLAND, Zeman combined stop-motion puppetry and traditional animation to create a timeless, glittering world of wonders.Read More »

  • Ladislav Helge – Bila oblaka AKA White Clouds (1962)

    1961-1970Czech RepublicDramaLadislav HelgeWar

    Autumn 1944, the Slovak National Uprising is suppressed and the fighters must withdraw to the mountains. Commander Repta’s unit takes along the thirteen-year old Zuzka, who lost her home and all her relatives in the rebellion. But the enemy brutally pursues them and Repta therefore must divide his unit. The withdrawal is covered by the group commanded by Peter, whose members almost all die in an exchange of fire with the German soldiers. The only one to survive is the severely wounded Peter. Zuzka, of whom everybody forgot in the zeal of the fight, hides him from the Germans. As soon as Peter is able to walk, he and Zuzka set off to meet their co-fighters.Read More »

  • Drahomíra Vihanová – Fuga na cerných klávesách AKA Fugue on Black Keys (1965)

    1961-1970Czech RepublicDocumentaryDrahomíra VihanováDrama

    FUGUE ON THE BLACK KEYS tells the story of an African student who studies the piano in Prague in the 1960′. The movie is shot in the style cinéma-vérité and follows young Farari in the school, with friends and on the streets where he had to deal with different characters.Read More »

  • Drahomira Vihanova – Pevnost aka The Fortress (1994)

    1991-2000ArthouseCzech RepublicDrahomira VihanovaDrama The fortress in the setting of the landscape gives an impression of a den or a detention colony of Kafka’s fiction. The watch-towers, barbed-wire-fencing, severe guarding, all that in all-prevailin feeling of strangeness and mystery provoke fear. Immediately, the question will arise, what is it that is so strictly guarded. We witness the absurdity as expressed by Franz Kafka, and the nonsensicality of the bureaucratic and the barracklike spiritlessness as ridiculed by Jaroslav Hasek in his soldier Svejk. The story takes place in the second half of the eighties. The regime of power is tired, but any changes are out of sight. Some people are trying to find their asylum in their privacy, some defect. Who is not willing to get adapted, lives at the outskirts of the society. Read More »

  • Frantisek Pilát & Otakar Vávra – Svetlo proniká tmou AKA The Light Penetrates the Dark (1931)

    1931-1940Czech RepublicExperimentalFrantisek PilátOtakar VávraShort Film

    Zdenek Pešánek created the first public kinetic sculpture, for the power station in Prague. This short experimental film focuses on a kinetic sculpture by Zdenek Pešánek. For a period of eight years it issued beams of light from the outside wall of a transformer station at Prague’s power utility before its destruction in 1939. Though genuine, these shots seem abstract to us. They are a rhythmically assembled ode to the light-creating devices and phenomena of electricity. Light arcs, coils, bulbs and various luminous elements support the alternation of positive and negative film images, creating an impressive universe of light and shade. In the 1920s, Pešánek had obtained financial support for his work with electric kinetic light art. In the 1930s, he was the first sculptor to use neon lights. He built several kinetic light pianos, and published a book titled “Kinetismus” in 1941.Read More »

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