Daniel Díaz Torres

  • Daniel Díaz Torres – Jíbaro AKA Wild Dogs (1985)

    1981-1990ActionCubaDaniel Díaz TorresDrama

    The first years of the revolution, characterized by social transformations and class struggle, make man’s challenge to the animal fade into the background. A very skilled hunter, attached to his world and his myths, does not adapt easily to a changing context. A personal conflict will contribute to deepen his contradictions; his virtues as a hunter will be put to the test.Read More »

  • Daniel Díaz Torres – Alice in Wondertown AKA Alicia en el pueblo de Maravillas (1991)

    1991-2000ComedyCubaDaniel Díaz TorresPolitics

    Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Daniel Díaz Torres’s ALICE IN WONDERTOWN is both an absurdist comedy and an allegory with a dark political undercurrent. Alice is a drama teacher who goes on a cultural mission to a small town where the most bizarre occurrences are commonplace. Mirrors become doors, circus animals walk the streets, and it seems anything can happen – and everyone except Alicia seems resigned to the situation. She discovers before long that the town’s population is made up of officials and workers who have been fired for violating rules, minor or illusionary, and now cannot find their way out of this strange town.One of the most controversial films in the history of Cuba, ALICE IN WONDERTOWN was banned by government authorities from Cuban theatres shortly after its release, threatening the independence that the Cuban film industry hitherto had enjoyed.Read More »

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