Daniel Petrie

  • Daniel Petrie – The United States Steel Hour: Bang the Drum Slowly (1956)

    1951-1960Daniel PetrieDramaTVUSA
    The United States Steel Hour Bang the Drum Slowly (1956)
    The United States Steel Hour Bang the Drum Slowly (1956)

    A pitcher on a major-league baseball team finds out that his catcher is desperately trying to hide something, he is dying of a terminal disease and he doesn’t want the owner to find out and fire him.Read More »

  • Daniel Petrie – The Neptune Factor (1973)

    1971-1980AdventureCanadaDaniel PetrieSci-Fi

    When an underwater ocean lab is lost in a earthquake, an advanced submarine is sent down to find it and encounters terrible danger.

    Aboard the R/V Triton, the Project Neptune team is doing oceanographic research. Director Andrews (Walter Pidgeon) is trying to keep the research going in spite of opposition from Foundation Head Sheppard. Below on the ocean floor, in the Sealab, the team led by Hamilton is about to return to the surface when the Sealab is ripped loose from it’s moorings and sent careening into a trench. Trapped too deep for divers, the only chance is rescue by a new US Navy mini-sub, piloted by the arrogant Cdr Blake (Ben Gazzara) USN. Blake, Chief Diver MacKay (Ernest Borgnine), Diver Cousins & Dr. Jansen (Yvette Mimieux) (Hamilton’s fiance) dive in the mini sub to attempt the rescue of the trapped Hamilton & crew.Read More »

  • Daniel Petrie – Resurrection (1980)

    1971-1980Daniel PetrieDramaFantasyUSA

    Injured in a car crash, Edna Mae McCauley has an out-of-body experience where she sees faces from her past trying to guide her into the hereafter. But instead she returns to life. Soon after she discovers that she now has the power to heal. Back in the Mid-Western town of her childhood, she begins a faith-healing mission and tries to use her powers for good. But she must also deal with the condemnation of fundamentalists and a boyfriend who becomes religiously crazed and tries to kill her.Read More »

  • Daniel Petrie – Inherit the Wind (1999)

    Drama1991-2000Daniel PetrieTVUSA

    This is another re-enactment of the play about the trial in 1925 of a school teacher who dared to teach Darwinian theory in his classroom. He did this as a consequence of one of his student’s request to know… The student was a lad named ‘Stebbins’, and the trial (dubbed the ‘Monkey Trial’) pitted the great attorney of the day, Clarence Darrow, against the often running presidential candidate, and famous orator, William Jennings Bryan.Read More »

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