Daniel Schmid

  • Daniel Schmid – Il Bacio di Tosca AKA Tosca’s Kiss (1984)

    1981-1990Daniel SchmidDocumentaryItalyPerformance

    Memoirs of the Italian Opera by the singers and musicians of the Casa Verdi, Milan, the world’s first nursing home for retired opera singers, founded by composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1896. This documentary, which has achieved cult-like status among opera and music lovers, features former singers who reminisce about their careers and their past operatic roles.
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  • Daniel Schmid – Jenatsch (1987)

    1981-1990ArthouseDaniel SchmidFantasySwitzerland

    A journalist is assigned to interview an eccentric anthropologist who has exhumed the skeleton of Jörg Jenatsch, a revered freedom fighter who was mysteriously murdered in 1639. Initially disinterested, the journalist begins to uncover unflattering truths about the national hero and experiences visions in which he seems to be witnessing events that transpired over 300 years ago. As he obsessively pursues the investigation, his personal life and his grip on reality disintegrate, drawing him relentlessly toward the fatal carnival at which Jenatsch was killed.Read More »

  • Daniel Schmid – La Paloma (1974)

    1971-1980ArthouseDaniel SchmidDramaSwitzerland

    When you play with clichés, you have to be very careful that they don’t backfire; the little things have a way of maiming almost everything around them.

    Daniel Schmid’s “La Paloma” — which was shown last night and to be repeated tonight at the New York Film Festival — is intentionally crammed with cultural chestnuts, and also makes a heavy pass at the plots of “Camille” and “La Traviata.” Kitsch and camp collide in this storm of pity and terror and wonder, which seethes with boundless love, burning glances, and unfathomable revenge.Read More »

  • Daniel Schmid – Das geschriebene Gesicht AKA The Written Face (1995)

    1991-2000ArthouseDaniel SchmidDocumentarySwitzerland

    In Japanese theater women’s roles are traditionally played by men. The man playing the woman’s role, the Onnagata, does not imitate the woman, as in the West, but tries to capture her significance. He need not stick close to his model, but draws far more from his own identity – a shift of value takes place, which is nonetheless not a step beyond.

    THE WRITTEN FACE is an attempt to offer an insight into the Japanese Kabuki star Tamasaburo Bando, one of the last defenders of this ancient and disappearing performing tradition. The film consists of four continuous acts:Read More »

  • Daniel Schmid – Hécate (1982)

    1981-1990ArthouseDaniel SchmidDramaFrance


    Daniel Schmid sets this amour fou in exquisite interiors against the glittering backdrop of a clash of cultures: European colonialism on the one hand and the dark, secretive labyrinth of the Arab world on the other.Read More »

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