Daniele Ciprì

  • Daniele Ciprì – È stato il figlio AKA It Was the Son (2012)

    Daniele Ciprì2011-2020ComedyDramaItaly
    È stato il figlio (2012)
    È stato il figlio (2012)

    Stunningly lensed around a homespun mafia tragi-comedy, but lacking even a shred of sympathy for its grotesque characters, It Was the Son (a.k.a. The Son Did It) describes a dysfunctional family from the underbelly of Palermo as monstrous stereotypes whose future is as dead-end as the highway leading to their gray housing block. There are some rueful smiles along the way but look for no heart-felt comedy in this adaptation of a novel by Roberto Alajmo. This cruel satire on the Italian South certainly has curiosity value, but it ends up feeling too flat and bleak to make a serious splash at the boxoffice after its Venice and Toronto bows.Read More »

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