Danièle Dubroux

  • Danièle Dubroux – Border Line (1992)

    1991-2000ArthouseDanièle DubrouxDramaFrance

    One day, Hélène goes to the home of Charles Piétri, a man she once loved and has not seen for twenty years. She meets Julien, Charles’ son, who tells her that his father has died. Shortly afterwards, she breaks off her marital ties with Alexandre, and her professional ties with Georges Birski (who has just commissioned her to restore a painting), to live with Julien and to devote herself totally to him. In the house where Charles used to live and where Irene, Julien’s mother, is about to move in, Hélène discovers disturbing signs, clues and even evidence of a disturbing link that would unite them and that will push her to commit a senseless act…Read More »

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