Danielle Arbid

  • Danielle Arbid – Peur de rien AKA Parisienne (2015)

    2011-2020Danielle ArbidDramaFrance

    Lina is a Lebanese Student that just arrived to Paris to continue her studies in a French University in 1993, only to find that the Chaos that was home was no different than what she will witness in the French capital. But Paris will offer her the opportunity to find herself and acquire a new self confidence that she didn’t know she had in herself.Read More »

  • Danielle Arbid – Beyrouth hôtel aka Beirut Hotel (2011)

    2011-2020Danielle ArbidDramaFrance


    The story revolves around a young Lebanese singer Zoha, trying to break free from her ex-husband’s influence. She meets Mathieu, a French lawyer on business, who is tracked down and suspected of spying. Over ten days, they experience an affair made up of fear and desire, intrigue and violence. Beirut Hotel is described as “a romance on the edge, mirroring a country wavering between war and peace, where at any moment everything could be turned upside down…”Read More »

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