Danny Boyle

  • Danny Boyle – Strumpet (2001)

    2001-2010Danny BoyleDramaUnited Kingdom

    Director Danny Boyle , Producer Martin Carr and Jim Cartwright have achieved what many would be afraid to do. This feature shot on dv has captured the heart of true movie making with is truthful, raw beauty. Strumpet is a coolly ambivalent study into a modern-day fairy tale, an outcast called Strayman, who lives by himself with a pack of dogs, writes what he feels about life on the walls of his flat. The savage but true poet who falls for a beautiful singer, they encounter a producer who sets both their poetry and music in motion. Instead of dwelling on the pretentious liaisons between artists and the industry, director Danny Boyle explores the changing relationships between people before and after their natural talent is stifled by the hold of the commercial music industry. Read More »

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