David Attenborough

  • David Attenborough – Life on Earth (1979)

    David Attenborough’s groundbreaking study of the evolution of life on our planet. As is usual with Attenborough’s work, the camera work is outstanding and employed techniques which were ground-breaking in their day. This series was filmed in locales all across the world.Read More »

  • David Attenborough – The Blue Planet (2001)

    Our planet is a blue planet: over seventy percent of it is covered by the sea. The Pacific Ocean alone covers half the globe. You can fly across it non-stop for twelve hours and still see nothing more than a speck of land. This series will reveal the complete natural history of our ocean planet, from its familiar shores to the mysteries of its deepest seas.Read More »

  • David Attenborough – The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man (1987)

    The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man is a BBC documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, first transmitted in the United Kingdom from 8 March 1987.

    It comprises four programmes, each of 55 minutes’ duration, which describe man’s relationship with the natural habitats of the Mediterranean, and is a glorious portrait of the landscape, wildlife and plants of the Mediterranean. From the earliest human settlements to the cities of today, from the forests of the North African shore and the Middle East to Southern Europe, this series tells the dramatic story of man and nature at work.Read More »

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