David Elfick

  • David Elfick – Crystal Voyager (1973)

    1971-1980David ElfickDocumentaryExperimentalUSA

    Outstanding psychadelic surfing documentary with Meddle-era Pink Floyd soundtrack

    In 1975 surfer and sometime director of photography George Greenhough got tired of the overcrowded beaches of Southern California and set of on a journey of discovery. He designed and built his own surfboards, some equipped with underwater camera equipment. With a small group of friends he built a boat and went off the map to find some waves they could truly call their own. This journey of discovery became a breathtaking cinematic trip. Combined with the music of Pink Floyd, an understated first person narrative, and some of the best surfing footage I believe has been ever shot they created one of the most remarkable works of art ever made. At times the photography seems almost impossible. Cameras glide effortlessly through sheets of seething water, bringing the viewer as close to the experience of actually surfing than anything I have seen.Read More »

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