David Gladwell

  • David Gladwell – An Untitled Film (1964)

    David Gladwell1961-1970ExperimentalShort FilmUnited Kingdom

    An extraordinary piece of film art, exploring the power, beauty and violence contained in a single moment of time.Read More »

  • David Gladwell – Miss Thompson Goes Shopping (1958)

    1951-1960David GladwellShort FilmUnited Kingdom

    David Gladwell’s ability to capture both the idyllic and eerie aspects of country life are used to great effect in this filmic adaptation of Martin Armstrong’s poem about an elderly lady who becomes perturbed by something we cant see. It becomes apparent that she is looking for her past, lost in a memory or the clutches of nostalgia. Miss Thompson’s shopping trip to town is in chaotic contrast to the tranquil nature of her lonely home, which on return seems like paradise. This title is also available on the DVD/Blu-ray ‘Requiem for a Village’ in the BFI Flipside collection.Read More »

  • David Gladwell – Requiem for a Village (1975)

    1971-1980David GladwellDocumentaryExperimentalUnited Kingdom

    David Gladwell is perhaps best-known for his celebrated work as editor on Lindsay Anderson’s If…. and O Lucky Man! Requiem for a Village, along with the four exquisite and startling short films also included in this BFI Flipside Dual Format Edition, reveal him to be an unfairly overlooked director of ground-breaking work.

    The idyllic, rural past of a Suffolk village rises to life in Requiem for a Village (1975) through the memories of an old man who tends a country graveyard. With influences that range from the poet TS Eliot to the artist Stanley Spencer, and using real village residents as amateur actors, the film powerfully suggests that history and memory are ever-present in our lives, regardless of the unrelenting drive towards modernisation.Read More »

  • David Gladwell – Memoirs of a Survivor (1981)

    1981-1990David GladwellDramaSci-FiUnited Kingdom

    Synopsis: Based on a novel by Doris Lessing, MEMOIRS OF A SURVIVOR stars the luminous Julie Christie as D, a woman struggling to survive in a violent post-apocalyptic world. Traumatized by both the war she’s lived through and the regular atrocities that each day bring, D retreats from reality into a bizarre Victorian dream world within herself. However, when she takes in a teenage girl, D is drawn back into the harsh reality of her crumbling city and its feral street gangs. Desperate for some kind of salvation, D becomes convinced that her fantasy world of the past holds may hold the key to a better future.Read More »

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