David Hamilton

  • David Hamilton – Bilitis (1977)

    A coming of age story centering on the exploits of a young girl during summer vacation.

    ★★★½ Watched by Once upon a Tom in Hollywood 30 Jul 2020

    In the land of soft-focused 70s erotica, David Hamilton reigns supreme. This is a well-told coming-of-age sexual awakening story featuring lovely cinematography and a cohesive narrative (which is more than 95% of its cinematic peers can claim). It does wander a bit into pure titillation at times, especially during the early part of the film. But if you’re interested in exploring erotic films of this time period, this is about as cinematic an example as you’re going to find.Read More »

  • David Hamilton – Tendres cousines AKA Cousins In Love (1980)

    Tendres cousines (1980)
    With the outbreak of WWII, the sudden call to arms will send the men of a family’s estate to the front, leaving a curious adolescent alone with the remaining women of the house, in need of a warm embrace and, possibly, a daring kiss.Read More »

  • David Hamilton – Laura, les ombres de l’été AKA Laura, Shadows of a Summer (1979)


    Amazon review:
    This movie is about a sculptor who loves “making” statues and paintings of young nudes. He becomes obsessed with the daughter (Laura) of a friend, whom he knew a long time ago. He manages to get her mother to take pictures of her for him to use in making a sculpture of her body. Laura develops a crush on him (as did her mother) and after he is blinded, offers to help him finish the statue that he started by posing for him herself. He’s able to finish the clay sculpture by using his hands to feel along her body. They both get caught up in the moment and she becomes a women.

    Those who argue about the plot or dialogue have missed the point of a David Hamilton movie. They simply don’t get it. At any rate, there are a few story plots intertwined in this movie if you can pick them out.
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  • David Hamilton – Tendres Cousines (1980)


    Fourteen year old Julien is in love with his cousin, Julia. This is one of polemic photographer and director David Hamilton’s most famous films. Hamilton is very well knor for the way he explores nudity, specially teens, on his works.
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