David Lowell Rich

  • David Lowell Rich – SST: Death Flight AKA SST: Disaster in the Sky (1977)

    On its maiden flight, the crew of America’s first supersonic transport learns that it may not be able to land, due to an act of sabotage and a deadly flu on-board.Read More »

  • David Lowell Rich – Runaway! (1973)

    At a mountain ski resort, some two hundred passengers board the train for the return to Jackson City. At the controls is veteran engineer Holly Gibson, and as the train proceeds downhill, Gibson discovers that the main brakes have frozen….Read More »

  • David Lowell Rich – Madame X (1966)

    The lower-class wife (Lana Turner) of a wealthy socialite (John Forsythe) is caught in a compromising situation with a male companion (Ricardo Montalban), and forced by her brutal mother-in-law (Constance Bennett) to “die” and live under an assumed name in Europe. Out of guilt and loyalty, she forgoes a renewed chance at romance with a concert pianist (John Van Dreelen), and descends into a life of alcoholism and despair. When a seedy acquaintance (Burgess Meredith) finds out who her husband (now governor of New York) and son are, he tries to blackmail her; she kills him, and stands on trial for her life as “Madame X” — not realizing that her lawyer (Keir Dullea) is actually her grown son.Read More »

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