Davide Manuli

  • Davide Manuli – Mental Masturbation (1992)

    1991-2000Davide ManuliExperimentalItalyShort Film

    Mental Masturbation, a Super 8 short imbued with a blessed soundtrack of trance music (an element that would be recurrent in all his latter films), was a point of start into what would be the most appreciated (and hated) element of Manuli’s cinema: The rescue of the absurdist to paint an atmosphere of freedom, in which music (in this case, electronic music) serves as the only link of meaningful communication between its characters, or between its protagonists and the settings of his films, the relation man-man and man-nature.
    (translated from desistfilm.com)Read More »

  • Davide Manuli – Beket (2008)

    2001-2010ArthouseDavide ManuliDramaItaly


    Freak and Jajà are in a place with no date and time. A no man’s world. The earth is no longer inhabited by man, but on rare occasions a strange survivor or two will appear. The two protagonists who have never met, meet at Bus stop in the middle of nowhere. The Bus arrives but doesn’t stop, it was the Bus that was going to GODOT, the God which manifested itself through a musical sound on the other side of the mountain. So Freak and Jajà decide to look for him on foot, in this way embarking on a journey that will have them meet the bizarre characters living on this land. Unfortunately Freak and Jajà at the end of their journey… will meet up with death before reaching their God.Read More »

  • Davide Manuli – Girotondo, giro intorno al mondo (1998)

    1991-2000ArthouseDavide ManuliExperimentalItaly


    Angelo is an orphan who grew up with a nomad woman. He reacts to his pain over the death of his best friend for overdose, thanks to the encounter with Serena. She survives being a prostitute, but she has not lost hope. Angelo moves along an axis of characters in a desolate and poetic day without end.Read More »

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