Deepa Mehta

  • Deepa Mehta – Water (2005)

    2001-2010Deepa MehtaDramaIndia

    Review by Roger Ebert-
    Her father asks Chuyia: “Do you remember getting married?” She does not. He tells her that her husband has died, and she is a widow. She is 8 years old. Under traditional Hindu law, she will be a widow for the rest of her life. There are two alternatives: Marry her husband’s brother, or throw herself on his funeral pyre.Read More »

  • Deepa Mehta – Fire (1996)

    1991-2000ArthouseDeepa MehtaDramaIndiaQueer Cinema(s)

    Banned in India, following riots because of its lesbian theme.

    In New Delhi Sita, a beautiful and intelligent young woman embarks on an arranged, loveless marriage to a faithless husband, Jatin. The extended family, owners of a video store, live together according to custom. Family tensions escalate. Radha, Sita’s sister-in-law, is unable to conceive; her disappointed husband Ashok (Sita’s husband’s brother) has taken a vow of celibacy, acquired a swami and is often gone. Eventually Jita and Radha develop a physical relationship which is far more emotionally sustaining than they have found with their husbands.Read More »

  • Deepa Mehta – Earth (1998)

    1991-2000Deepa MehtaDramaIndiaPolitics

    The movie opens in Lahore of 1947 before India and Pakistan became independent. It is a cosmopolitan city, depicted by the coterie of working class friends who are from different religions. The rest of the movie chronicles the fate of this group and the maddening religious that sweeps even this city as the partition of the two countries is decided and Lahore is given to Pakistan.Read More »

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