Dejan Zecevic

  • Dejan Zecevic – Cetvrti covek aka The Fourth Man (2007)

    Dejan Zecevic2001-2010MysterySerbiaThriller

    A man awakens from a two-month-long coma. Total amnesia. A bullet fired point blank. He doesn’t remember anything. He’s told that he had a wife and a son. They’ve been killed. He’s revealed his past identity by the Colonel, who insists they are best friends. He’s a Major of the Military Security Agency. An inspector from the State Security Agency appears affirming that he has information on people responsible for the massacre of his family. The Major is discharged from the hospital. He tries to patch together a normal life but is confronted with emptiness and despair. His only chance of discovering his identity and the assassin of his family is to accept the game that the Inspector has set up for him with the Businessman, the Mafioso and the Politician. He agrees… Discovers that he was a war criminal… Realizes who took a shot at him… Finds out who killed his family… Discovers the Fourth Man!Read More »

  • Dejan Zecevic – T.T. Sindrom (2002)

    2001-2010Dejan ZecevicHorrorThrillerYugoslavia

    Several people get locked in a turkish bath at night, being hunted by a brutal serial killer, who seems to be seized with the T.T. Syndrome, a brain malady that leads to painful sociopathy.Read More »

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