Denis Côté

  • Denis Côté – Ta peau si lisse AKA A Skin So Soft (2017) (HD)

    2011-2020CanadaDenis CôtéDocumentary

    Jean-François, Ronald, Alexis, Cédric, Benoit and Maxim are gladiators of modern times. From the strongman to the top-class bodybuilder, to the veteran who has become a trainer, they all share the same definition and obsession with overcoming their limitations. They are waiting for the next competition, working hard in the gym and following extreme diets.Read More »

  • Denis Côté – Que ta joie demeure AKA Joy of Man’s Desiring (2014)

    2011-2020CanadaDenis CôtéDocumentary

    An open-ended exploration of the energies and rituals of various workplaces. From one worker to another and one machine to the next; hands, faces, breaks, toil: what kind of absurdist, abstract dialogue can be started between human beings and their need to work? What is the value of the time we spend multiplying and repeating the same motions that ultimately lead to a rest – a state of repose whose quality defies definition.Read More »

  • Denis Côté – Un été comme ça AKA That Kind Of Summer (2022)

    2021-2030CanadaDenis CôtéDrama

    Three hypersexual women spend 26 days in a quiet house by the lake. They are Léonie (serious), Eugénie (impulsive), and Gaëlle, a.k.a. Geisha (flirtatious). They are all there voluntarily, and the motto of the undertaking is that “hypersexuality is not a disease.” The aim of this experiment is not to heal but rather to enable a frank exploration of different experiences, forms, and extremes of desire. If you are familiar with Côté’s work, you may have learned not to expect ready-made answers or to be hit over the head with a message. Côté assembles a remarkable ensemble of performers in a film that asks more questions than it answers. That Kind of Summer had its world premiere in the Berlinale’s Competition section.Read More »

  • Denis Côté – Vic + Flo ont vu un ours AKA Vic + Flo Saw a Bear (2013)

    Drama2011-2020CanadaCrimeDenis Côté

    Vic + Flow Saw a Bear is a darkly mysterious tale of lesbian two ex-cons, Victoria and Florence, trying to make a new life in the backwoods of Quebec. Seeking peace and quite, the couple the slowly begin to feel under siege as Vic’s probation office keeps unexpectedly popping up and a strange woman in the neighborhood soon turns out to be an increasingly menacing shadow from Flo’s past. With it’s collection of complex and eccentric characters, unexpected plot twists and unsettling humor, director Denis Cote (Curling, Bestiaire) has created an original film that is as once traumatizing, uplifting, and utterly breathless.Read More »

  • Denis Côté – Curling (2010)

    Drama2001-2010CanadaDenis Côté

    The fascinating fifth feature by Québécois auteur Denis Côté, Curling is a portrait of Jean-François (Emmanuel Bilodeau), a single father who works nights at a deserted bowling alley and days in a rundown motel, and his daughter, Julyvonne (Philomène Bilodeau, Emmanuel’s real-life daughter), who he isolates from the community in fear that contact with the outside world will scar her. Sensitive, expressive images are crafted to perfection by cinematographer Josée Deshaies while Côté masterfully distorts our perception of time, letting it linger in beguiling stillness as winter slowly seeps away. Côté unfolds his minimalist narrative from the inside out, resulting in an impressively austere film that establishes an immediate emotional connection.Read More »

  • Denis Côté – Répertoire des villes disparues AKA Ghost Town Anthology (2019)

    2011-2020CanadaDenis CôtéDramaFantasy

    Denis Cote chronicles the bizarre after-effects of a small-town tragedy, weaving supernatural elements into the tattered social fabric of a rural community.
    Loosely adapted from the debut novel by Montreal-based writer Laurence Olivier, this is a curious film, deliberately threadbare in its plotting and muted in its emotional effect. But it is open to any number of interpretations, touching on fear of outsiders and otherness, the importance of reckoning with the past and the danger for insular small-town communities of being forgotten, as much due to their own closed-off nature as to big-city migration. It could just as easily be dismissed as slight, but you get out of it what you’re willing to put in.Read More »

  • Gabriel Abrantes, Denis Côté, Marie Losier, Dominga Sotomayor – Aqui, em Lisboa: Episódios da Vida da Cidade AKA Here in Lisbon (2015)

    2011-2020Denis CôtéDocumentaryDominga SotomayorDramaGabriel AbrantesMarie LosierPortugal

    Welcome to Lisbon: there are mermaids by the Tagus and birds flying over the old city; there are mad scientists and singing fish; lost tourist guides and lost tourists; fado and sad guitars. What a weird city you may think – but no. Lisbon is about being different, sarcastic, welcoming to foreigners even in an economic crisis. Different directors became fascinated by our strangeness. We became fascinated by these directors. The city is never the same in these four episodes, here in Lisbon.Read More »

  • Denis Côté – Bestiaire AKA Bestiarium (2012)

    2011-2020CanadaDenis CôtéDocumentaryExperimental


    From IMDb :

    Animals/People: Along the rhythm of the changing seasons they watch one another. Bestiary unfolds like a filmed picture book about mutual observation, about peculiar perception. A contemplation of a stable imbalance, and of lose, tranquil and indefinable elements.

    From (Berlin Film Festival) :

    A drawing course, a safari park and a taxidermist’s workshop: three settings in which humans and animals meet. The focus of observation is on relationships of sight and perception, which often reflect unequal power structures at the same time. In the process, the film also seems to be considering the question of how animals can be filmed.
    Read More »

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