Liv Ullmann – Sofie (1992)

“Liv Ullmann’s directorial debut is a beguiling and bittersweet tale about the yearning to be free… “

Copenhagen at the end of the nineteenth century. Sofie is a beautiful and cultured 28-year-old who lives at home with her parents Frederikke and Semmy. They only want the best for her and worry that she will end up an old maid like her three aunts with whom they share the weekly Sabbath meal… Read More »

Mai Zetterling – Doktor Glas AKA Doctor Glas (1968)

Doctor Glas face ethical complications when a woman, Helga Gregorius, asks for help in preventing her husband, the disgusting Reverend Gregorius, to have sex with her. Read More »

Lars von Trier – Idioterne AKA The Idiots [+ Commentaries] (1998)

The group of people gather at the house in Copenhagen suburb to break all the limitations and to bring out the “inner idiot” in themselves. Read More »

Christoffer Boe – Smagen af sult AKA A Taste of Hunger (2021)

A couple who sacrifice everything to achieve the highest possible accolade in the culinary world – a Michelin star. Read More »

Jonas Poher Rasmussen – Flugt AKA Flee (2021)

The film follows Amin, on the verge of marrying his husband shares his story for the first time about his hidden past of fleeing his country as a refugee. Read More »

Åke Sandgren – Fluerne på væggen AKA Flies on the Wall (2005)

“Fluerne på væggen” is the latest release of director Ake Sandgren, who is perhaps best known for giving us the amusing and profound dogma movie “Et Rigtigt Menneske” (2001). This movie purports to be of the political thriller variety which at least in Denmark has been given a new lease of life with last year’s blockbuster success “Kongekabale”. Read More »

Kaspar Munk – You & Me Forever (2012)

Laura and Christine are best friends. They have been best friends forever. One day they meet the mysterious and fascinating Maria, and their friendship is put to the test. For Laura it is a meeting that changes the world she thought she knew so well. A story about friends and enemies, vulnerability and wildness, love and sex. Read More »