Dennis Potter

  • Dennis Potter – Between Two Rivers (1960)

    Dennis Potter1951-1960DocumentaryUnited Kingdom
    Between Two Rivers (1960)
    Between Two Rivers (1960)

    After a brief tutelage with innovative BBC documentary producer Denis Mitchell, Dennis Potter teamed with producer Anthony de Lotbiniere to film a documentary (later described by David Niven as “absolutely wonderful”). Returning to the Berry Hill roots of his childhood, Potter used interviews with locals (including his parents) to show changes in the working-class traditions of the Forest of Dean, where “the green forest has a deep black heart beneath its sudden hills, pushing up slag heaps and gray little villages clustering around the coal.”Read More »

  • Gareth Davies & Dennis Potter – The Wednesday Play: Alice (1965)

    1961-1970Dennis PotterDramaGareth DaviesTVUnited Kingdom

    Transmitted on 13th October 1965 at 9.05 p.m. on BBC 1 as part of the Wednesday Play series. Repeated on 6th July 1966 on BBC1

    The play is a fictionalised account of the relationship between Charles Dodgson and Alice Liddell. It cleverly integrates events, conversations and chance remarks into the narrative which later become part of the “Alice” books but more than anything it’s a touching story of unrequited love where frustration and innocence co-exist but never quite resolve their conflict. It was later remade as the film ‘Dreamchild’.Read More »

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