Desmond Davis

  • Desmond Davis – The Man Who Lived at the Ritz (1989)

    1981-1990Desmond DavisDramaThrillerUSA

    During WWII, a penniless American painter, Philip Weber, decides to collaborate with the Nazi leaders and help them steal priceless French artwork to keep his room in the chic Ritz Hotel and indulge himself in Nazi-occupied Paris.Read More »

  • Desmond Davis – Smashing Time (1967)

    1961-1970CampDesmond DavisDramaUnited Kingdom

    Two young women from England’s northern counties; the plain Brenda and the flamboyant Yvonne, arrive in London to find fame and fortune. Misdirected and separated, they strike out on their own with Yvonne becoming a model and Brenda a waitress. After Brenda sabotages Yvonne’s date whom takes advantage of her, they lose their jobs and soon the roles are reversed with Brenda succeeding as a model and Yvonne becoming a waitress. With both of them competing with the other, they soon learn that they have to team up to take on their adversaries in order to succeed.Read More »

  • Desmond Davis – Girl with Green Eyes (1964)

    1961-1970ClassicsDesmond DavisDramaUnited Kingdom

    Innocent Kate Brady (Rita Tushingham) leaves her family farm and heads for Dublin, where she lives with her former convent friend Baba Brennan (Lynn Redgrave). She soon meets older man Eugene (Peter Finch), who is a writer and intellectual. Kate and Eugene fall in love. However, when Kate’s father finds out about their romance, he is determined to break it up. Kate remains devoted to Eugene, but their love disintegrates when Eugene realizes that he really has nothing in common with Kate.Read More »

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