Detlef Siebert

  • Detlef Siebert – The Man Who Discovered Capitalism (2016)

    2011-2020Detlef SiebertDocumentaryGermany


    The Film has three narratives:

    the story of Schumpeter’s life,

    the development of his ideas,

    and how the digital revolution illustrates these ideas.
    Stylized drama sequences, in combination with Monthy Python inspired cut out animations, illustrate key aspects of Schumpeter’s life and theory.Successful entrepreneurs such as Simon Woodroffe (Yo!Sushi), Eric Wahlforss (Soundcloud), Stefan Smalle (Westwing) and Renaud Visage (Eventbrite) share the secrets of their success and offer insights into what it takes to be the innovative entrepreneur who Schumpeter identified as the key actor in the capitalist drama.Read More »

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