Didier Haudepin

  • Didier Haudepin – Le plus bel âge… AKA Those Were the Days (1995)

    1991-2000Didier HaudepinDramaFranceRomance
    Le plus bel âge... (1995)
    Le plus bel âge… (1995)

    “A strikingly atmospheric work – intense, dark and at times extremely disturbing… ~FrenchFilms

    A few weeks into a preparatory course for entry to the prestigious École Normale Supérieure, Delphine witnesses the suicide of a fellow student, Claude. Traumatised by the experience – which is made more acute by the fact that Claude spoke to her a short while before she killed herself, Delphine finds herself drawn to unravel the mystery of the tragic death. She is attracted to Claude’s charismatic boyfriend, Axel, in spite of his cruelty and extreme political views. Axel agrees to have sex with Delphine if she first manages to sleep with Claude’s brother, Bertrand, a cadet who hopes to enter the elite military academy, St. Cyr. Through Bertrand, Delphine finds out more about Claude’s life and the reason for her suicide…Read More »

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