Dimitar Petrov

  • Dimitar Petrov – Taralezhite se razhdat bez bodli AKA Hedgehogs Are Born Without Spines (1971)

    1971-1980BulgariaComedyDimitar PetrovDrama

    This is a film about a group of ten-year-old who are defending their independence at school, in the street and at home. Their methods of resisting brutality and overcoming the lack of understanding are so ingenuous that eventually they succeed in making a laughing stock of their parents, teachers and neighbors. And indeed, compulsion is completely futile if Mitko is to be prevented from moving the ears in class. The unfair punishment only helps spread his fame throughout the school, so that he gets an army of followers and imitators. The war with Uncle Tanas, the cheating grocer of neighborhood store, also ends victoriously. After many ups and downs, and mainly thanks to the solidarity of the children, they manage to get back their football, which has fallen into a passing lorry and disappeared.Read More »

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